Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Three Wardrobe

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guess what?

i should b sleep rite now, but my eyes cant even close n i dont feel sleepy at all. *sigh

the good news is i pass the interview today, n kinda look like i gonna get dis job. but the bad news is, hm actually i cant label or call it bad news cos, in sum way it like a good news but in other way it confusing me, so get it? err clearly nope ann? sebab sy sendiri tafaham. oke teruskan, membebel byk pun taguna. the thing is i dont get the location dat i want. and, they gonna send me to the other location. where is, not so called fav. places ferrr me.

at first, of cos i'll b so excited ferrr da compliments i get from my interview. it suprised me when they said they saw sumthing inside me where i can b sumbody one day in their place. hey, dude! im not trying to show off in here, but of cos im proud of myself and i'll keep to motivate myself, and proof it dat its gonna b true~!

kat sini sy tabgtau ann what the position dat i apply, and where the hell it is. so, wait until i got my offer letter... luff luff xoxo. *tetibe

p/s : very glad dat i've a family who are very supportive n of cos, Mr. Milo who are very confident wif me & owes b by my side no matter what happen. *kish kish

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Besok, i ade interview dkt menara Maxis taw. ouch! Nervous uolls sampai tido i pun terganggu.

wish me best of luck oke! i really want dis job!

Monday, June 21, 2010

WQ3339 Bastaaaaard!

my day today started by makian cos ive been hit by a lorry dis morning, and good news the lorry runaway! siap lambai-lambai mcm cibaiii.

call Mr. Milo, Ayah and they advice me to go to make a report, hm pastu? dpt apeeee?

Sarjan Azhari minta hantar necktie. tanda perkenalan. tahi mung!

Friday, June 18, 2010


kepada siapa-siapa yg ingat i dh tunang. i belum tunang oke. gilaaaaa?! i tunang tajak uolsss. keji sungguh! bile pun tatahu oke.. jap ek i check planner i. eh! tade pun. haha

to person u knoe who u are, jgn percaya instinct sgt. len kali tanye okeee. tekejut i~

Monday, June 14, 2010


the day has come. and this is what we ve done and i'll remember those day forever.

Our plan supposed to be canoeing but suddenly dat day all the boat system was shutdown, so we change to go for cycling. but, no regret! everything was awesome!!

luff! luff!

Friday, June 11, 2010

2 years bebi!

ada ramai org tasaba nak tunggu world cup mula. yela tahu, hari ni kan? tp sy lebih tasaba nak tunggu 13 hb June ni tiba. wink! <3

p/s : world cup tu mende? *tetibe bimbo cam apetah

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


6 june lepas, kelas i (KI1) masa i sekolah menengah dulu buat reunion kali ke-3. Mmg best la tayah nak explain lagi. sebab kami semua mmg best, budak kelas kami taramai pun ade la 16 org je, sebab... kami ni budak pandai-pandai sekolah so antara yg tepiilih laaaa. duhh! menipu sgt. kelas pun dkt kelas mesyuarat pengawas sekolah. kejikan? dis time org yg dtg tadisangka2 pulak. wazir sanggup ni berenang puak lentang dari penang sampai OU, boy pulak buang tebiat dtg reunion. wahh kagum. ikut kan reunion start 2pm tapi standard la org mcm i ni mmg suka dtg lambat-lambat ala ala dinantikan semua peminat. ouch! tp tadela selambat tqah kan dh la lambat siap balik awal lagi. waaah class! duh

okey la tayah nak cite pjg2 tgk gamba sudeh!

ini adalah mereka yg dtg

ini masa men bowling oke. sebut bebetul boling!

ini masa genting ni. time makan!

ini syok sendiri namanya

last but not least, thx syg coz bring me there. if not errrr mmg sy tadtg la reunion ni. heh

Thursday, June 3, 2010


last weekend, rumah i ade buat kenduri sikit. Kenduri Aqiqah si comel Nurin Imaan. Kenduri was happening, almost all the relatives was there so it was a good day eventhou penat mcm tertonggeng. but demi my lil niece! i dont mind at all. =) here some of the picca on dat day!

last but not least, thx syg for coming n helping during da kenduri, emak ckp terima kasih byk-byk. hehe woof u

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank You

How could I face the faceless days,
if i should lose u now?
We're so close
To reaching that famous happy ending,
Almost Believing this one's not pretend
And when I'm with u
All i want is to hold u. - so close " Jon Mclaughlin"

p/s : luff ya alot!