Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Missing Mellow

bila dh start duduk rumah sewa mulalah,

rindu iman.

rindu mak & ayah.

rindu masakan mak.

rindu bantal busuk

tsskk =(

tape, sy akan mula men game! utk menghilangkan mindu.

come on virtual villagers!!! *tepengaruh ngan staff sendiri. ceh

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Publishing is good somehow. kan?

its been long time, i didnt write anything that straight come out from my heart feeling, but there is the reason why i stop doing that. My previous blog, that actually still not deleting, cos i seriously forgot my password, *i meant like seriously oke! not like an excuses not to move on. duh! so i just let it be but the prob is my currently bf, *yaa of cos my Milo lah belum tuka lagi. keep on reading it and "selongkar" it till he knew everything about my past. He studied alot there, and honestly its a bit frustrated cos what i believe what gone let be by gone. And i want him to know me as he knew me went the first time we met. I wondered everytime, what the hell he think i am before, am i bad or a good person?

Another reason why i wont so express my feeling here, is when last time blogging it just between you and your good friends and the bf. Now it kinda trend to have atleast 1 blog. am i right? So everybody gonna read it and of cos they gonna judge you. And please be watch out when u're talking about your family, friends, or maybe someone that close to you. Maybe without any notice kite te'aib kan seseorg. If u think u had a feeling, mestila other ppl also have kan? so, pls my dear dont do it again cos ppl got a shame, dont think we are so good till we dont realised that we are not actually, not at all! you will lose your respect. not a bit but all!

When we do something good, doesnt mean we have to tell ppl an? mybe we can advice but somehow, sekali lagi tanpa disedari we ter'talk' bad about ppl, not nasihat org. Yes, thank to God when your life much more better than other person but trust me, u are not. Ppl talk behind your back, it just ppl dont publish it. =)

So, mood pun dah oke balik, emotional pun dh stable balik. Nak tgk tb, and sleep tight tonight. To tired working, stressing with job sumore. But nvm bukan semua org faham, what they know is judging ppl and publish to blog. bai