Monday, November 14, 2011

Not much just unfair!

i was damn stressed out today. Been working night shift. Having a nightmare when our mystery shopper no more mystery when he introduced himself to me just now. Telling me how bad my staff doing their job. No greeting, not repeat the order and the worst part not even smile. Thanks guys really appreciate your so-called-hardcore workers. I was so damn dissapointed. We failed two quarter already and for sure this quarter will be fail also. So damn frustrated. I work so hard for the company day and night and my staff give me some shit for the return.

Is that so hard to smile and greeting. Not much, only Hye or Welcome kot. what? u think TGV paid u guys only for selling the tickets or tearing the tickets? even my grandmother can do that. U guys studied like what? management? engineer? even sumore a doctor cant even handle this simple jobs. I fed up already. If this keep on going it seem like our management cant manage our own location. For me i worked so damn hard for this incentive so i felt unfair if this some of stupid damn staff doing stupid damn thing while working make my incentive gone like that.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! bullshit!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1

Updates Wednesday.

Sejak rajin ber-twitter ni blog ni terabai, sorry Meet Ofaghag i dont mean to be not so-called- unresponsible to u. So lets get start;

Sejak dua menjak MOD on Sunway mood cam terumbang-ambing sikit, of course la yg totally in-charge is YAP. But when on my duty? Dapat pulak superb yg cam haram. *sigh sumpah tade mood nak keje. Since renovation in progress, my health not so well. Last time i got lung infection because of the dust. so bad kan? Has to took MC until 5 days, malas je nak admitted if not lagi lama MC. Kesian kt manager lain. Lagi pun serik masuk hospital since my last denggi. Simpang malaikat 44.

Lets not to talk about my job, buat stress je. Move to my engagement preparation. Actually not really move on pun, Last update kitorg cari macaroon utk hantaran. Usha2 dkt ikea Milo kata sedap but i never taste it. Price quite expensive 1 for RM3.90 mahal kot. Nak pakai aroud 30pcs. Menanges la Milo. Hihi Oh ye lupa nak habaq, i kan baru balik Langkawi katanye. Dok borong la chocolate tapulak sampai RM100++ haloba katanye. Milo also spend almost 200. Ini semua gara-gara nak buat hantaran katanye.

Langkawi was awesome, we went there by train. So first time travel wif the train la. 11 hours dek non. Pigi balik tak 22 hours? 1 hari habis kat train je. Tapi tape, best dpt tido-tido feeling mcm pigi Amsterdam sebab cam 11 jam kot. langkawi je kot. byk kot kan? 3D2N not enaff for us. Cause byk tempat nak pigi taleh nk fokus. Nvm our next trip will be Sibu Island. Kite pigi 5 hari ye yop! haha.

For the holiday picture later la i upload ek, all the pictures ada kat Fad. Gambar i tabyk pun, sebab malas nak begambar bukan santek pun. Nak kena edit-edit baru santek kan? haha

later we talk-we talk sumore oke.Daa