Tuesday, January 31, 2012

soft betrayer

Yesterday one of my staff keep on offering me to went break together but too bad i already made appointment with my fiance so i tot like it just normal things cos sometimes i do go break with my staff.  but after that it became much more suspicious when he keep asking me whether i had free time to talk or not. I was like not to take it seriously like ignoring him maybe later we chit chat la kan. Not like i purposedly ignoring him it just yesterday was day of confusing when finances cam cilaka keep on asking about shortage money dat we also donno when it went missing.

Oke back to the story, without i realised until the end of my shift i meant when all ppl went back he still asking me for talk. I was like ok lets talk now. But at the time in the office is only me and my supervisor mano. But he refusing to talk infront of her and ask for personnel conversation. It became more suspicious, Then im offering him instead of talk to me why dont u sms me. He copied my num. In my mind i tot la he only wanted to borrow money from me and just to shy to ask directly kot.

Then we went back home, around 4oclock i received a msg from this staff. Its quite shocked me. Yes it is. It even make me cried ok. He wrote to as he said he respected me more the other management team and felt so wrong if he wouldnt telling me this. He told me that last time both are my supervisor are bicthing me using tamil language and they did infront of my staff and even im inside the office. They used bad words toward me and saying that im not good enough in doing my jobs. In his side he tot it was mean and disrespectful when infront of me they talk so nice and then talk bullshit behind my back.

Honest speaking at first when i read that msg i was so damn demotivated. What i did wrong that hurt them? Then i realised theres nothing wrong with me. It just im too good to be work with them. They felt threatened with my presence. Too bad darling, i wont give up. Now i know that i am more awesome then i tot. Thankful to god cos i have this loyalty staff that will support me no matter what. And also a bosses that will always be my back bones.

Thanks oso to mt fiance. U r so sweet when the time i was deeply sad u trying so hard to make me feel that im more worth it than i tot. Its quite annoying actually but i do like it. Haha. So from now on lets move on. Now u knoe which one u can call friends and which one you dont. Without controversy life wont be happening rite?.

Actually ive been writing this while i at salon syampoo-ing my hair. Duh

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struggle to depressing.

Im in da office, while waiting my supervisor doing closing why not im updating my blog since dh berhabuk dh ni. Feel wanna talk about how fuck up my company it is. Last few days we are facing like system error which is easy to call it corrupted lah and affected our daily operation. Of cos la to make sure the operation run smooth we all operation ppl will depending on the system kot. If today system fuck up so all going to be fuck up la. So what do u expect?

Frankly speaking la, hq ppl are sucks! Always blaming on operation when they are fucking bloody dont know what are bloody happening in locations. Always talk bullshits and always giving an order like their are bloody clever. I became pissed off and fed up already. My advise is, u guys only will realise when the time all the operation side throw a letter to ur face.

Haha ill laugh out loud that time in your face niggah! *tetibe

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

New baby born.

Hello there,

Im notes but my mummy call me notzy.

Nice to meet you ofaghag.

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Friday, January 20, 2012


This opening year and this month really not at my side i meant at all, all getting worse and worse. im trying not to mengeluh. and keep on pujuk myself then later or maybe someday it will turn too good things. but i dont know. ill keep blaming myself cause i know whatever bad happened it came from me itself. not ppl or not god. i made this happened.

surely everythings good comes from Allah. Harap-harap bulan depan tade la saket mcm ni. I'm not over used my money but maybe my credit card limit. Haha see my fault already. but i paaaay what! sikit-sikit la kot. now i'm having 2 credit card some more and getting more debt. Padan muka, but eh! i fully pay the other credit what. so only 1 debt for credit card. haha nak menang juga. but ofa, please remind yourself that u still have car, study loan and commitment to pay everymonth. dont simply-simply swipe your card when ever you get upset. Konon treatment to calm myself from stress. WTF? kaaannnn

Dah la nak kawin, sendiri tareti manage your own money. heh. satu lagi, solat biar cukup, bersedekah jangan lupa and jgn bersunggut selalu. Baru la rezeki talari. seeeee nasihat pandai. buat teeeeengok.

bweeeek: =p

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

struggle so hard,

i'm stuck in my own apartment with no water and damn starving. Ive got nothing to do, and keep on watching gossip girls season 5 episodes by episodes but in my mind, i was like keep on thinking that actually i hate my current job, i meant like so bad. its like i want to write a resignaton letter like immediately ok! and just throw to my bosses face. but for the fact is, i had no enaff encourage to do that, bweeeek.

help me.

any vacancy? heh

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sudden Guilty

One more year, and my blog becoming one more olders. i'm happy to be 6 years so much loyal with Meet Ofaghag. Eventho, im so-not-called-bestfriend with this blog, since i betrayed u with not to always wrote on u, but i do admit that i shared alot of my happiness and sadness here. Sorry darling, in last few years, i rarely bothered about u. But i do sometimes missed to writting on u. =)

i hope its not to late so wish here,

Happy New Year Bloggy. Muach!