Friday, February 17, 2012

heart to heart

Who said kahwin is senang are so damn liar. Kepala ni mcm dh pecah dh stressed out. Some more now im handling sunway stock entry. Mmg dh gugur dh rambut tinggal nak beruban je. Dok la pk pk cukup ke det kami berdua ni. FYI we decided to only have a small occasion. I meant like seriously, we only plan to have only fer the close one. To be honest yes the budget is the main reason but deep inside my heart actually this is what i dream for. I prefer to be surrounding with ppl i knew rather to be with ppl that i dont even bother in my life, its my wedding so let it be my way. It should be sweet and simple. :) and how lucky i am when i have someone who really understanding and where never argue with any of my decision made and always support me at the back. And also to my family where they are really positive with my decision last but not least thanks to my sistah fad caused without her support also it wont be happened.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

shocking pink!

I cant sleep, tekejut! After conversation between ayah and mak like we already decided a date fer me to kahwin. I repeat KAHWIN. so im not sure should i happy or should i cry. Its like oh sempat ke eh cukup ke duit nye ah ape nak start dulu.

Tp opsss no no no like i dont want to kahwin ek. I really wants to. I really do, not i gatal ok cuma kan baik kita mengelak maksiat menghindari dosa dan menambah pahala. Dunia pun dh akhir zaman. Doakan niat mulia i menjadi kenyataan.

Bismillahirahmanirahim, ya Allah permudahkan la jalan hamba mu yg lemah ni sepanjang persiapan ku menuju ke syurga mu. Aminn

Mr. Milo please get your ass ready. We gonna face the hard way together. Muhahaha * gelak kejam

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

#wordless everyday

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